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  • Who is behind Proximity?

    Proximity was built and engineered at Engage. Engage is a digital agency with years of experience in digital platforms and innovative thinking.

  • What is your data policy?

    Our number one priority is to keep your data safe and secure. We will never keep your data hostage — you will always be able to do a full data export from your dashboard. You can read our full privacy policy here.

  • Do you have any special features for agencies?

    We're actively working to make Proximity an useful tool for agencies. One example is that we support multiple accounts per user, this allows you to administrate all your client's campaign using a single login for each strategist.

  • How much does it cost to use Proximity?

    During our public beta phase, Proximity will be completely free of charge. We don't have final pricing ready yet, but don't worry — a free tier will always be available.

  • Are there any limitations for amount of signups or alike?

    We will never limit the amount of signups you can have in a form. The only limitation will be on data appends, which can be removed by upgrading your account after the public beta phase is over.

  • When do you expect that Proximity will sunset its public beta phase?

    Proximity is expected to be generally available in spring 2015.

  • How do I integrate Proximity with my existing website?

    We recommend creating a subdomain, e.g.

  • Does Proximity provide an API for developers?

    We don't have a public API yet, but this will be available before we exit the public beta phase. Please contact us if you want to hear more about this.

  • What kind of data enhancements do you provide?

    Proximity supports several layers of data enhancements for form submissions. The data sources can be used independently and has varying costs.

    GOP Data Trust integration
    Voterfile integration that enables appends such as: address, party registration, date of birth, gender and voter id number.
    Tower Data (Formerly Rapleaf)
    Allows demographic and consumer data to be appended (age, gender, income level, children, occupation, education) as well as interest categories and purchase information.
    Geocoding and IP address geocoding
    This includes a general location for anonymous visitors and congressional/state legislative districts for campaign submissions.
  • Can I use Proximity with my own domain name?

    Yes! First contact us and let us know what domain you would like to use. Next you need to configure DNS: For a subdomain (e.g., create a CNAME record that points to For a regular domain (e.g. you need to create an A record that points to

  • I have some feedback. Who should I talk to?

    We're always interesting in getting feedback and talking about your use cases. Please contact us!